America’s Story That Will Change You Forever

By Peter Venero in Entrepreneurship

on June 9th, 2020

This is a public service message for the Disillusioned Bernie Sanders Supporters who were Bernt (yet again). As the majority of the planet recovers from the unprecedented global lockdowns sure to traumatise many, there is a sense of mass uncertainty, but also a great awakening that is taking place for those who see that the planet is merely being turned right side up.

This article will hopefully guide you to solutions that I wish were provided to me during my own awakening 8 years ago in 2012, to hopefully propel you into your opportunity that awaits you in the new age that’s upon all of us.


There I was, a 24-year old, starry-eyed engrossed within pop-culture and valueless values of the Democratic party. Politics were the least of my thoughts. I was just starting my first business, with high hopes and dreams of successful ventures and opportunities to travel and taste the world. 

I admit, I totally fell for the “first woman president” cover story, because I was gullible and I didn’t know that seasoned career criminals could find their way into high positions of political office; and that’s exactly how they wanted it.

A “feminine” mother figure and boss lady was what I thought was needed in the White House, given the war-mongering presidents that came before. Their endless promotion of wars that savaged the world by bringing the country through their relentless profiteering pursuits. We would later find they were invasions; (and I would later awaken to the concept that female and feminine were two completely different things).

After donating to her campaign, I was disappointed and confused when Hillary Clinton conceded and shuffled our votes over to Obama during the Primaries, like we voters were just a piece of meat. (Reality check: that’s exactly what we are to them. Time to clutch those pearls, girls! More on that later.)

At this stage, Obama was an unknown figure who suddenly appeared out of left field, so it was bizarre to me that Mrs. Clinton would cut a deal with Obama. The same Obama who would two-terms later have his entire legacy overshadowed by #ObamaGate; the same Obama who I did end up voting for. These political games sparked my curiosity though, which was not just her concession, but how her concession went down. That was the beginning of my awakening, because I began to see through the illusion. 

I went with the flow (not like I had any choice!), but Obama was masterful with his smooth and charismatic speeches. He spoke about the need for change and prosperity, and made some historic gestures for the LGBT+ community. I was impressed. But, behind the masquerade, in his shadow, remained his inconsistencies and the continuation of the Bush-era policies that he promised to leave behind, such as the drone programs. Nevertheless, they were supported by his new Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. I didn’t understand why the war machine was still going. I was angry, although in hindsight, I was just ignorant as to how things really worked on the political stage. 

As I observed what was happening in the middle east, in places like Libya, a continuation of Bush’s bogus 9-11-induced catastrophes that were being furthered by Obama and Hillary as secretary of State, I didn’t understand and I began to feel deceived. I became disgusted by the very existence of Washington D.C. and its agenda for world domination and power, I did not vote for Obama a second time. I could never fathom what was going on then, but I would later find out. 

Then, 2012 came along. That year that would forever change me (which is a whole other story in itself, but not least of which was the year I would find out who I truly was). I was 33 and spent the next few years exploring the underbelly of society and our world. Why was there so much suffering like destitution, depression, addiction epidemics given how advanced and abundant our nations were? It didn’t make sense to me. I would later find out how I and most of the chattel-class were manipulated and given a distorted version of the truth. 

It wasn’t too long after that I realized the rot was coming from the top, and not just from the White House, but those who sat and pulled it’s strings from above it. After living 33 years of my life on autopilot, drifting through the elitist’s funnel, I was finally shown that the world was actually upside down. Inverted. Distorted. Perverted.


Then 2015 came around, and with it, a Bern’in revolution! A new shiny distraction! Man, the marketing and PR of Washington D.C. was like the glitz of Hollywood. There weren’t a whole lot of people who heard the ideas of a man named Bernie Sanders, but I did. Bernie was a beacon of light to me. He was one of the first politicians that actually resonated with me. He used all of the Neuro Linguistic Programming words that perked our ears up, like a dog whistle. “The political establishments”, “the corrupt oligarchs”, and spoke about “income and wealth inequality”, and of course, the senseless wars in Iraq that he said he voted against. That was some tasty kool-aid. I drank up and poured some cups for my friends. I was drunk on Bernie, not caring about the ones who came before him, or their puppet masters. Change had really come this time! Smh.

We Australian Berners rallied our friends and family, we campaigned online, we bought our Bernie merch and wore them like gullible suckers. We even spent weekends at make-shift call centres at a local university making calls back to America tell people: “there is a man named Bernie Sanders who actually cares about improving lives, and he’s running for president!” We had so much hope and anticipation for fairness and prosperity to reignite America, and it was working. We played a small part, but news was travelling fast. Those who thought Hillary would be the front runner were starting to get worried, Bernie was gaining traction exponentially. This was it! 


And then it happened again. 

Now, I’m not saying that Bernie was given a black eye by the illuminati, but Bernie and his black eye bowed out of the race and handed all of our votes that his supporters worked hard for right back to the witch and the inverted party that her handlers had helped her take over. Who were the handlers? The same ones distancing themselves from her after spending an unprecedented one billion US fiat dollars, among some of them, her Rothschild buddies, who financed her unethical position. 

In case you haven’t heard of them, the Rothschilds are the notorious (and very old) vampiric banking family infamously known to fund both sides of politics, with agendas to divide and conquer masses, by pitting sides against each other. They cowardly operate in the shadows, and set the political narrative through their media allies, controlling people like sheep. Have you ever seen a Rothschild or Rockefeller featured in magazines such as Forbes or Fortune magazine?

Bernie 2016


Here’s the thing: Washington D.C. is political theatre. It’s a show. The system is corrupt, and the people are it’s cannon fodder, evidenced by the birth certificate UCC. Article 9 9-102(a)(71). Citizens are the elite’s “working class”; your needs and aspirations come last, to them. Your consumption of their goods come first.

D.C. is a show used to pacify hard-working Americans to create an illusion that polliticians are working for the interests of the people. However, behind the scenes , deals are being cut which enable politicians to enrich themselves (that’s called deception), their family members and their associates (that’s called nepotism).

D.C. rigs the systems for the oligarchs and banking families so that they can control populations. That is who politicians truly work for. I’ve spent years with like-minded people, moonlighting together as independent researchers uncovering their hidden agenda. From this research, I have realized their competition is you, and they work to keep you where you are: that is on a perpetual hamster wheel, aka the American Dream, hooked on fumes of hopium that enslave you to the illegitimate system they have created. Eat, sleep, slave, repeat. (Add a little Netflix and gun violence in there to spice things up.) It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but stay with me, there’s always a rainbow after the storm.

A significant proportion of governments are corrupt. They are not there for your best interest, but for theirs. They are there to manage the affairs of their chattel, which is you. From an ancient perspective, this war has been waged for centuries, however their rule has ended. Most people are only now just finding out now because all are connected by the internet in this age of information, which historians refer to as the Golden Age. 

Mayan Calendar / Egyptian Cycle of the Phoenix begins AD 21 December 2012
Mayan Calendar / Egyptian Cycle of the Phoenix begins AD 21 December 2012

Certain career politicians are very seasoned, downright criminals, groomed to be so from birth, but are merely posing as politicians. Those who seek the truth will need to gather circumstantial evidence, connect their own dots, add 1 + 1, zoom out and expand their awareness to see the big picture. Question all of what you know, scrutinize your own belief systems, and those supposed “coincidences” and “conspiracy theories”, (even this one). 

The reality is, many politicians in power are narcissists who will never admit guilt or that they are wrong in any way, until they are cornered like a vicious animal fighting for their life, unless they have been healed. Otherwise, they will outright lie, deny, blame, shame, project, confuse, distract, distort and manipulate. 

But how do “they” get away with all of this?



Political Control

Why is it that Republicans and Democrats get the most air time? Why are certain anti-establishment figures such as Tulsi Gabbard not given any? If the political system was not engineered, wouldn’t there be more attention on other political  parties than the typical two? These are not political parties, these are corporations owned by the same aristocrats used to divide and conquer, just as they’ve done for many wars that have come before. We are given the illusion of choice via a manufactured Two-Party System. Everything is a rich man’s trick.

Media Control

Who controls the mainstream media? Why are we made to believe the mainstream media are the only credible news sources? Why are non mainstream media platforms cast as conspiracy and/or non-credible? Has the media ever reported less than 95% fear-based content? 

Mainstream media is not news, it’s called mind control (propaganda). Operation Mockingbird was a secret campaign by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to influence the media via MK Ultra Propaganda, which was made legal in the United States by, wait for it, the Obama Administration.

The american empire and its media

Financial Control

To be blunt, when there is a body of individuals who are able to print up as much money as they would like, crash the market, to then buy up it’s resources with said money (for pennies on the dollar), to then control people with those resources; that’s financial control of a rigged system. “Control the money, control the people”. I invite you to do some further research into fractional reserve banking.

Pyramid of capitalist system

Corporate Control

The rigged system is also booby trapped. Just by virtue of the tens of thousands of corporate laws that exist and more that are written everyday, which the average citizen would never be able to decipher. The average citizen is estimated to break a number of laws and even felonies every single day. Those same laws which they say are there to protect you are actually the same laws that milk you. You are their cannon fodder. Their crop. They keep us consuming their product and working in their system to create more. If it were a system for your best interest, they’d invest in your growth.

Mind Control

Why do Americans have a reputation of being dumb overseas? Why is there a vast difference between public school curriculum vs private school curriculum? Mind control doesn’t just stop at the airwaves. It’s the sauce of the system. Public schools in the United States have been providing the best darn indoctrination to Americans since who knows when! 

The system was set up with the public school-indoctrinated middle class in mind to be the cogs and the wheels of it. That means the public schooling education was not a legitimate education. Further reading: Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

Spiritual Warfare

The biggest truth is this. You are being kept from the greatest secret. Our food, our water, and our air are being polluted with chemicals that keep us from tapping into abilities that are innate to all of us. You are a soul and your body that you currently exist in is one fine piece of advanced technology

To supplement all of the above, add to that fake science, fake history, fake medicine, fake food, fake money, the list goes on and on and on. 


Now, it would come to no surprise that individuals in positions of fake authority would paint the above questions and ideas as “conspiracy theory”. 

More and more, “conspiracy theories” are proving to be conspiracy fact. Remember the days where individuals did not believe governments were mass spying on their citizens, in America, Australia, UK and others? When Edward Snowden blew the whistle, theorists were vindicated, but by 2016, the Obama administration’s intelligence community had normalized domestic spying so everyone forgot (side note, they count on you forgetting). 

I can leave an exhaustive list of the “conspiracy theories” that ended up being conspiracy facts (read here if you’re curious), but the truth of the matter is that we’ve all been lied to by a bunch of goons who don’t know how to internet. 

I know people don’t like feeling they have been fucked over. Everyone has a choice to accept the truth or trade the truth for comfort; but one thing is for certain: the truth will set you free.

Red pill blue pill


So where am I going with all of this. There is a solution, in fact there are tons of them; but like everything we wish to gain, they do require action (and ongoing research). It also means staying awake and conscious forever, and staying out of the zombified routines that keep us unaware.

The sad part is that when I tried to communicate all of the above to those people I hoped would listen, I was regularly met with aggression and ridicule, and I lost some decent people I had in my life. 

So, after being BERNED in 2016, I decided to stop wasting my time trying to save other people, and I saved myself. I took my power back from Washington. I took that time and the energy that I spent believing in phony promises, and focused on transforming myself. What I experienced was a profound evolution of the self. 2017 and 2018 were some of my most prolific years of personal growth and development. I enrolled in courses ranging from memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning, personal investing, finance to public speaking and a bit of contract law. 

In 2019, I welcomed a new relationship, (which was a welcomed distraction), and it was also my highest grossing year because I put in the work leading up to that year. 2020 has been another great year for me despite the “Pandemic”, and my business is positioned to double our 2019 figures with the release of some exciting programs for young conscious entrepreneurs. 

Everything in the world is either growing or dying, but one thing is constant and that is change. This kind of change can facilitate growth, but at the end of the day the decision is up to you. Everything starts with the decision, and the intention to change something. Up or down. If we are not growing, we experience turmoil. Most people identify that as depression, which is way too prevalent in today’s society, and I also believe this is due to a disconnect of our soul and it’s source. 

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Push for a good system, but work on yourself first and foremost.  

Here are 6 things I’d prioritize:

Claim your stolen property

Given all of the fuckery that’s about, chances are you wouldn’t have realised that your physical body has been registered as property to the state. Imagine that you yourself has been designed to be the most positively brilliant quantum-level computer processing solution generator, ever evolved or designed to navigate planet earth.

This is going to sound really weird to a lot of people, but it is the fundamental reason as to why there are so many issues of rights being trampled on. You are a soul and you have a body. This comes down to being defined as property by a jurisdiction.  The property of the majority of American Citizens is their physical body, and that property has been usurped and registered to the State, evidenced by one’s birth certificate.

The Most Advanced Electrical Machine on Earth

Why the body as property? Your body is the finest piece of galactic technology and 99% of people have no idea of its true capabilities. There are links below on how you can go about correcting this mess. (Sidenote: Google is the gatekeeper of all online information. They decide on what you see and what you don’t see. Due to Google censorship with regard to matters pertaining to the truth, it is unknown how long the video above will be on YouTube before it is removed. It is strongly advised that you download the video for safe keeping.)

Learn all about your rights

Those who do not know their rights have none. Understand why your rights are being eroded in the first place.  Regardless of what spiritual background you may have, know that your innate rights are given to you by your Creator. The state knows this, simply evidenced by virtue of when someone is in court, that someone places their hand on a certain book. Know that your rights are your birth rights. Study Contract Law and Trust Law, at a minimum and learn about (and secure) your property.

Discover your purpose

If you don’t know what it is yet, find out what your purpose is. What makes your heart sing? What would you rather be doing? If money and time were no object, and you had all the power and resources to help people of this planet, what would you do? Ask your conscience, and follow that. When you combine what you’re passionate about with solving a problem, you are living your purpose, and that is your true value exchange to make you some money. This is your mission on this planet.

Have a vision

Paint a vision for the life you want, and set small incremental goals to get there, then lift that butt up out of your own situation and get it through action. What does your future look like? Inspire yourself with a role model. Who is living now or in the past that you look up to? Study them, learn all about them; if they’re alive, take them to a coffee if you can and get advice from them. Emulate them, but be your own expression of it. 

Develop your SELF

For the longest time, I was waiting for someone in government to save the day. Nobody is going to save you. We have to save ourselves. There are ways to do that, but it’s going to take work. That’s how we grow. 

Financial management, basic investing, legal, business and personal development like public speaking, are all strongly recommended. Get a mentor, get a coach, get a role model, ideally, get all three to help you with all of the above.

At the end of the day, the world is a gamified school, consisting of infinite games: the love game, money game, career game, children game, etc. Master one and move onto the next. Run toward your fears, because confidence exists on the other side of those challenges. 

Start a business

Ultimately, we all come from one conscious creative source, and its footprint is the geometry that exists in all of life. Just like a drop from the ocean is still part of the ocean, the divine spark within all of us is part of the creator, which means we too are creators. When you understand what your purpose is, and you solve a problem with that purpose, that is your mission. That is the value that you can be creating your business and brand around.


Despite the above, there are some good-meaning people that are in government, of course. However, there is only so much change that one can make operating within the existing political systems. At the time of this writing, the US National Debt (which is the money due from the UNITED STATES CORPORATION (different from the United States) to the central bankers mentioned above is over 25 trillion dollars. It is mathematically impossible to ever pay back, but as stated, the property of the people are its surety. The system is corrupt and that’s why it’s imploding on itself. Sometimes old systems just need to die. As Heidi says, “one day you’re in, the next day you’re out”. The central bankers and their corrupt money system and cronies are definitely out. Auf Wiedersehen!

There are many who wish you would stay asleep so they can harvest as much life force energy as they can from you as they have been, whether that’s your sweat or money or both.  But remember, you are your own authority, it’s up to you whether you want to give that authority away to a middleman or take ownership of it. Blaze your own trail. Remember that you are your own authority and leader, and you can forge your own way forward. So, If you were waiting for a sign, this is it.  

And for the people that I have parted ways with since 2016, I say thank you to them. I was letting them hold me back, keeping me from growing in multiple ways. If that didn’t happen, I very likely would have never experienced the kinds of growth like I did the next couple of years. I look forward to continuing to do so now that I have claimed my own authority and sovereignty that many of us have been tricked into surrendering without out knowledge or informed consent.


About the Author:

Peter Venero is CEO and Founder of Creatiq, an informed digital agency. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, Peter works with like-minded conscious entrepreneurs and businesses, keeping them on the cutting edge, while crafting brands whose mission is making positive impacts for our planet and its inhabitants. A Colorado Springs native, Peter studied New Media in Los Angeles before moving to Australia to set up Creatiq in 2004. 

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