"Millionaires don't use astrologers, billionaires do."

J.P Morgan
For Coaches, Consultants, and Professional Service Providers who desire business freedom.
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What is Amplify Business Consulting?

Creatiq’s Amplify Business Consulting brings together decades of successful, tactical industry experience blended with the energetics of Human Design. Nikola Tesla wrote:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” –Nikola Tesla.

By harmonizing proven strategic and tactical skills with magnetic energy, obtaining a desired end result can simply be acknowledged as being wonderfully magical.

Human Design is a masterful synthesis of ancient technology guided by modern science (Quantum Physics), including the Hindu Chakra System, Western Astrology, Numerology, Eastern I-Ching and Kabbalah, primarily.

Just before our birth, each of us are programmed with a distinct energetic signature. This signature is responsible for determining the journey of our lives that we’re destined to take in this particular life.

A map of all data is then derived from a calculation based on one’s birth date, time and place.

Amplify Business consulting is the analysis and triangulation of data derived from the birth chart and artfully compiled in a unique report for the client, which provides a number of benefits including:

  • Life Purpose Confirmation
  • Business Mission Clarity
  • Team & Business Alignment
  • Revenue Stream Diversification


The result?

An abundance of more time, energy, creative freedom and independence. Not to mention business clarity and growth because you’ll be equipped with a full birds-eye view of the roadmap for your business, as well as a strategic plan that gets you there.

"It makes a lot of sense and I feel I've been on a very big growth path the last few years this just reinforces that, and the path I'm on."

Renee (Pharmacist & Business Owner, Australia)

About The Consulting Packages

Lvl 1. Hero Mission Alignment
The Hero Mission Alignment extrapolates the essentials from your chart. It helps us to understand what unique mission your life was planned according to. This report also tells us the specific message it has for the world. We then go a few steps further to compile an overall vision of your potential roadmap, and we integrate your life’s purpose into that vision.
You’ll come out of the session with a strategic action plan that will leave you confidently knowing how you’ll save time and energy with an optmized business mission.

Lvl 2. Master Business Prosperity Alignment
The Master Business Prosperity Alignment includes all of the above, plus an integrative earth/soul mission consultation, where we tap into the energetics of both your source code and your avatar (your human body) to synthesise and interpret the final result of what mission has been reserved for you. We then conduct an analysis on your unique prosperity gene to gather the best source of revenue for your primary or additional source of income. As a special bonus, we also do an analysis on your ideal target market that you can consider serving according to your design.
You will depart the session with a full strategic plan based on your own energetics and business goal. You’re going to feel clear, structured, and empowered to take the next steps toward your goal of total business freedom.

Lvl 3. Legend Quantum Business Alignment
The Legend Quantum Business Alignment is the big kahuna. It includes all of the above, and is packed with so much more and perfectly suited for the established professional interested in giving themselves that “edge”. This report includes all of the above, plus by using 3 datapoints: you, your business, and the world, we triangulate your energetic data to view a full constellation for the mission of your business. We go a number of steps forward as well to help you understand the motivators of your target audience (what they truly want from you).
After the session, not only will you have a full strategic plan for your business, you’ll also be provided with the tactical applications to crush your business objectives to get to your ultimate goal. 

Lvl 1. Hero Mission Alignment

A fully prepared strategic plan, including marketing point of difference and beyond.
$ 800
Includes a 30-Min private walk-through session,
and a printable PDF for you to keep and refer to.
  • Perfect for intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs / business owners, or individuals simply looking for "that edge" within their existing workplace.
  • Vision & Voice Destiny Analysis
  • Life Purpose Mission Integration
  • Fully prepared plan and report to keep and refer to put into action.

Lvl 2. Business Prosperity Alignment

Full person, business mission alignment with marketing aspects.
$ 1700
Includes a 45-Min private workshop,
and a printable PDF for you to keep and refer to.
  • Allow us to take you on a journey of total business re-discovery. After analysing your Soul Map, we will carefully triangulate the data between yourself, your business, and the world at larger to provide you with a full report of data points to exploit for the purpose of Amplifying your business.
  • Business Prosperity Alignment (above) plus:
  • Divine Target Market Identification
  • Divine Target Market's Motivators
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Save $800 if Lvl 1. is Complete

Lvl 3. Legend Quantum Business Alignment

We'll navigate you to effectively tap into your innate well of prosperity.
$ 2600
Includes a 60-Min private workshop,
and a printable PDF for you to keep and refer to.
  • Let's confirm your message and take a look at the big picture of where you're taking your business. We'll also review your data to ensure that your business mission is aligned with your personal purpose. Finally, we'll tap into your hidden wealth and integrate that into your ultimate business plan.
  • Vision & Voice Destiny Consultation
  • Integrative Person/Business Mission Consultation
  • Prosperity Potential Analysis
  • Strategic and Tactical Marketing Plan
  • Save $1700 if Lvl 2. is Complete

Leave your competition in your star dust.

"We have been so incredibly happy with the results from Creatiq that we use them for all of our ventures."
Mitzi Branvold
CMO, Modern HR, Inc.
"Creatiq is a great marketing partner and sounding-board for my personal brand and fitness company."
Mark Moon
Owner, Mark Moon Fitness