Your pathway to business freedom is through brand distinction.

If you’re ready for marketing clarity, to be a distinctive brand, and put powerful plans that put your business on autopilot for business freedom.

Look no further than Creatiq's

Amplify Marketing Consulting

Most people just try to do
everything themselves.

And that’s why most people end up frustrated, pulling their hair out, and end up in despair.

Getting your brand seen and getting clients through the doors is a series of skills, and most importantly, these skills are the keys to unlocking your incredible offerings you’ve heavily invested in.

There’s a reason why people choose Coke over Pepsi, why you’ll never find Samsung devices in an Apple Fanatic’s home, or why a Gloria Jean’s aficionado would never get caught dead at a Starbucks. Brand distinction.

There’s a certain style, a communication, there’s a specific resonance that the brand gives that makes it hypnotic, prestigious, alluring, intriguing and exciting.

Stop the madness.

Focus on your strengths and do what you love, then delegate the rest.

To attract your ideal clients without pulling anymore hair out,
you need a plan and a strategy

Have you had enough...

Confusion and overwhelm

Business chaos due to no systems

Awkward Crickets

No time for family, friends, or SELF?

Beyond stress and miserable

Enslaved to their laptop, office and business

Get Ready for Lift-off

Limited oversight and understanding of prospect to client conversion milestones lead to inconsistent results and frustration. Applying a system, that provides repeatable success, for more time, greater amounts of energy, and freedom from your business.

Lack of powerful strategic/tactical plan on how to move the clients through the funnel by having a vision for your business and brand, understanding your “island of freedom”, as we call it, fuelled by a powerful purpose and mission to get you there.

Undefined or unrefined public perception and influence will only bring around more crickets. When you master the art of public perception, you end up with an electric reputation and buzz that attracts clients and partners like moths to a flame (and people who won’t stop talking about you).


Amplify Marketing Consulting

Pillar 1: Vision

Having a clear vision that your purpose fuels your mission to is paramount to arriving to your island of freedom. We’ll walk you through understanding your the key ingredients in your marketing and business to ensure that you capitalise in the right areas, providing you with utmost clarity and certainty in your business.

Pillar 2: Systems

Turn on the tap for repeatable success by learning exactly what systems to implement now to bring about business harmony and freedom, and preparation to scale for repeatable success.

Pillar 3: Influence

Learn to not only know how to communicate the parts of your business so that you powerfully attract the right clients, team, and partners, but to also distinguish yourself from everyone else so that you and your brand are iconic.

Infused with

Human Design Technology

Human Design is one master system which is a synthesis of multiple energetic, scientific and esoteric systems that can enhance the results of you and your team.

When we understand the fundamentals of your unique genetic make-up, we can optimize a strategy that not only works for your specific energy type, but also appeals to your ideal clients.
We are not all designed in the same way. The self-reflective confirmation of recognizing oneself in the consistency of energy, awareness and/or emotional complexity, which continues to deepen the positive impact of your desired outcome.

Growth Consulting Packages

Strategic Growth Consulting and Planning Infused with Human Design.

Lvl 1. Hero Mission Alignment - $800

All the essentials for new & growing Coaches, Consultants, Healers and Practitioners


✅ Visionary Session on your business where we will help set the course the direction based on your ideal destination

✅ Influential Mission/ Purpose alignment - we help determine your point of difference based on your design while also confirming and integrating your mission and purpose

✅ Marketing tone of voice decode and analysis - we synthesize your communication style based on your design to resonate with your ideal client, defined by your marketing archetype

✅ Prosperity Codes Revealed - when we determine the soul’s aspiration, we will reveal your best source of income

✅ Target Market /Niche Identification with help from your Human Design, we’ll uncover your most suitable niche and perfect client avatar


Business / Marketing Vision Document, plan and report to keep and refer to put into action (determined goals, destination and outcomes) 

Lvl 2. Master Business Alignment - $1,700

All the above, plus Strategy + Tactical Planning (-$800 if Lvl 1. is Complete)


✅ Hero Mission Alignment 

✅ Core Genius Report: Understand what people are truly seeking from you.

✅ Business Structure Consult: Understand the best structure for your business.

✅ Target Market Motivators: How is your target market motivated?

✅ Life's Work / Your Brand Consult  - Understand your brand archetype from a human design perspective

✅ Life's Lesson Consult - Understand what you are truly here to teach and pass onto others.

✅ Marketing System Planning - We’ll deliberate with you on the recommended technology to power and automate your business so you can enjoy more freedom from it


✅ Strategic Plan (includes overall funnel design from social media to multiple conversions on and offline

✅ Tactical Execution Plan (we plan out what activity needs to happen when, where and how)

✅ Marketing System Plan - a full plan that outlines all of the technology from website, contact relationship manager (CRM), communications and support.

Lvl 3. Legend Quantum Business Alignment - $2,500

Includes above Consulting Packages + Finished Reports & Plans (-$1700 if Lvl 2. is Complete)


Advanced Vision / Voice Destiny Consultation - Consultation on aligning business vision + marketing tone of voice

Integrative Person/Business Mission Consultation - This is where we compare your earth + soul missions and then align accordingly. This is important because you'll have a more streamlined business mission, which means less energy waste, and more effective communications.

Advanced Prosperity Codes Revealed - a deeper analysis into your prosperity codes


Strategic Plan (includes overall funnel design from social media to multiple conversions on and offline

Tactical Execution Plan (we plan out what activity needs to happen when, where and how)

Advanced Target Market's Niche, including their precise motivators

Life Purpose/Business Mission Alignment We'll confirm your life purpose according to your chart to ensure all is aligned and integrated, and provide recommendations as required.

À la carte Add-ons

If you don't require consulting, but only require development of your offerings, our À la carte options might be correct for you.


Deal / Offer Creation, 2x 1-on-1 sessions where we sit with you to develop a no-brainer deal for your audience. You'll leave the session knowing exactly what your offer is, who it's for, pricing as well as how to promote it. (Sessions run around 90min each $369.)

Productization Session - We'll work with you on your service offering to help you turn that into a delectable product. You'll leave the session with a crafted delightful menu of services ready to list on your website. 

Brand Identity Consulting session - Based on your intended audience, your offering, and your personal brand, we'll pull together all of the elements to help craft your brand identity. You'll leave the session with a full creative brief to give to your graphic designer to execute your design.

Full System Buildout + Automation - Offer Page + CMS, Sales & Marketing system, Support system, all wrapped around a centralized Communication System, built, automated and streamlined for you. Enquire for pricing.


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