Mission: Working in creative cooperation to help our businesses prosper while creating sustainable and systemic change. “Creation, not competition”.

Purpose: To create an open-source model for adoption that invokes collaboration and cooperation for change-making businesses for the purpose of creating global change while helping businesses prosper.

Vision: An online channel and marketplace to inspire, promote and create cooperation via Clusters of like conscious like-minded businesses (as opposed to the competition rat race that businesses have been forced to compete in.)

Problem Worth Solving: Competition can be fun and exciting, but it’s unsustainable on businesses, the planet and the planet’s inhabitants. Competition takes tolls on livelihoods and on the planet, and we believe that competition should be left in controlled environments that effect the planet as little as possible, or better yet give back to the planet, and its inhabitants while promoting Creation through collaboration and cooperation. This can be done with conscious forward-thinking businesses who want to lead our human
race through business to its next frontier.

Creatiq Network

How Clusters Work: Clusters are grouped by global territory (e.g. North America, Oceania, Europe, Asia) and then segmented based on Professional Services, Lifestyle, and Consumer Retail. Participants are called Partners and are invited to join where they elect their signature service to promote to their nominated Cluster and the greater business community. Each Partner is incentivised to transact within their Cluster as their first point of resource when obtaining a service because of Partner pricing that is afforded to Partners from other Partners. Marketing, advertising and promotion of the cluster happens primarily via other Partners marketing. Creatiq also sponsors advertising to the Marketplace website, driving targeted traffic of shoppers/consumers looking for specific services and are of like-mind.

Hypothetically, additionally, Partners donate a percentage of each sale to a trust formed by the members, where each year proceeds are donated to a cause chosen by the Cluster. The trust is audited and reported on annually by an independent body. Each Cluster Partner decides on their Partner discount amount as well as their donation amount. As a suggestion, Creatiq provides a 10% discount to Cluster partners and 10% to the cause.

Creatiq Cluster is an open-sourced model and is duplicated across countries globally.

We will have a dedicated online marketplace that will be promoted by each Cluster Partner via their networks, and further marketing and advertising by Creatiq.

Benefits of Creatiq Cluster:

  • Collaborate, cooperate and create
  • Online Marketplace for like-minded businesses
  • Cluster partner profiles
  • Collaboration area (forum)
  • Source new services
  • Provide your services to other Cluster Partners
  • Leverage the network for feedback on upcoming products and services
  • Learn what other member businesses are doing so that you can share clients
  • Team up with each other to improve each other’s businesses
  • Benefit from free organic traffic and promotion