Attention Coaches!

Are you ready to 10x your lead gen in a way that's profitable, scalable, and soulfully congruent?


  • What it would look like to grow your audience by becoming the go-to person in your field, just by being your authentic self?
  • How it would feel to receive raving reviews for your services, as you see a notable shift in your client results from the inclusion of evidence-based frameworks?
  • How it would feel to have more space to focus on your zones of genius with your dream clients instead of always have to run out to find the next one?
  • How it would be to not have to deal with burnout or exhaustion again because you’re congruent with mission, purpose and fulfilment so your energy is self regulated?

Imagine this...

You’re a professional service provider, and you’re passionate about what you do. You’ve honed your skills, you’re experienced, and you’re ready to take your business to the next level.

But where are your dream clients?

You’ve tried everything, from advertising to networking to social media, but you’re just not finding the right people.

And even when you do find someone, they don’t seem to be aligned with your energy or vision, and who knows if they’re even aligned to your values.

They can be difficult to work with, they’re cheap on the dime, or they don’t pay on time (which is a total disrespect of your time).

It's frustrating and it's holding you back from achieving your goals of making the world a better place.

As professional service providers, we all know the pain of struggling with lead generation. It’s frustrating to put in so much effort and money into finding new leads, only to end up with mediocre conversions and low-quality projects.

And even when we do manage to convert a lead, they often don’t turn into long-term soul mate clients who truly appreciate our expertise and values.

It feels like a never-ending cycle of going to the market for new leads repeatedly, which can be another time-consuming and painful episode of Ground Hog Day.

But what if there was a way could locate your dream clients with ease and precision?

… and you could zero in on them like a laser beam

and what if there was a way to magnetize consistently high-paying sweet dream clients like bees to honey?

… you know, like the ones who share your values, appreciate your expertise, and are eager to work with you.

and what if there was a way to understand exactly what your ideal clients really want and need?

… and you could position yourself as the perfect solution they’ve been searching for like a synchronicity by the universe?

Well let me tell you how I'm able to go into "work" each day feeling soulfully aligned and how I get to co-create with others that reinforce that.

First of all, hello! I'm Peter.

I’m the founder of Creatiq Communications, a digital marketing and communications agency that helps conscious service providers grow their businesses and reach their full potential. I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years, so I see what has worked in the past and what is no longer working. I have a passion for helping business owners achieve their goals, and I have a proven track record of ethical marketing.

I’ve helped large corporations with their digital strategies, I’ve helped charitable organizations implement recurring revenue models, and now I’m proud to be serving the heart-lead service providers of the conscious community.

I’ve got an extensive network of industry contacts, so I can help you access the resources and opportunities you need to grow your business, and I’m deeply dedicated to helping my clients achieve their goals.

Introducing The Ikigai Method

The Ikigai method is a powerful lead generation framework I’ve been developing over the years that is rooted in consumer emotional and psychological principles, and in quantum physics.

It is designed to help conscious entrepreneurs and business owners:

Step 1: Deep dive into The Ikigai Method (my evidence-based lead gen methodology).

Step 2: Learn how to find and land dream clients who desire to to shower you in an endless bath of meaningful cash.

Step 3: Learn how to fire up use AI to uncover the findings of your Ikigai and unleash a master plan to magnetize them.

Best of all...

It’ll help you have that ever-blissful experience of imagineering and co-creating with your soul mate clients in a way that feels aligned and authentic to you.

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