Marketing simplified.

Forget about learning all the complexities of marketing mumbo jumbo. We’ve got you covered so you can focus on your zones of genius. 

Finally, an integrated suite of digital marketing and online solutions to get you to where you want to be without all of the technical jargon.

Amplify makes it easy for you to grow your conscious business using a combination of done-for-you, and DYI digital marketing. It integrates all the tools you need to run your business, leaving you with time to focus on your own genius.

Amplify saves me time by doing all the heavy lifting so that I can focus on developing my programs.

Content is Queen

Some say content is King, but we beg to differ. Content wouldn’t be where it is without a smart solution like Amplify to deliver your message to the conscious community.


High performing website with built-in SEO capabilities, ready to optimize the web to bring on the blazing traffic.


Included custom-written and researched social media awaiting engagement to keep your followers coming back.


Professional SEO services are part of the solution as a standard because you deserve to be found at the top.


What's a business without leads? Our solutions come with the competitive advantage of sending leads your way.


Don't just be seen, be heard. Amplify comes with strategic campaigns based on your custom marketing plan.


What's the point of marketing if you don't know where you're going? Amplify seamlessly navigates you to your destination.

Professional Marketing With Your Thumbs.


A custom roadmap based on your vision.

Annual blueprints or strategic plans are customized and applied to each Amplify plan.

  • Custom Playbooks to guide you in what you should be doing everyday.
  • Trackable milestone-based goals set for you by your Amplify Strategist.
  • Recession-proof and pandemic-proof contingency plans are part of the package.

Like a website. Just smarter than others.

Your ultimate AI-powered website that combines all the necessary features into one platform to help you optimize your site and get more traffic.

  • Intelligent website that automatically actions insights and recommendations that improve your conversion rates and ROI.
  • Identifies new sources of traffic while optimizing your existing ones.
    Automatic daily back-ups with one-click rewinds.
  • Custom website developed to suit to your brand and objectives.
  • Hosting, maintenance and support are all included, of course.

No more worrying about what to post when and where.

We handle everything so you can focus on the fun part of your business, delivering incredible services that change the world.

  • Full content creation, scheduling, and management.
  • Analytics so you can track your ROI and see what is working.
  • Content management tool for all your social media accounts in one place.
  • Keep track of the content you’re publishing across multiple channels.
  • Clients have reported saving over 500 hours each year just by outsourcing social media. 

SEO as a standard, because it’s the right thing to do.

Good SEO helps you be found high up on Google.

  • Professional SEO services are part of the solution as a standard because you deserve to be found at the top.
    We help to select the right keywords that your dream clients are typing into Google to find you.
  • We spend a significant amount of time implementing ethical tactics to further boost your website.
  • We provide you with detailed quarterly reports to show the ascension of your website to the top of Google
  • Your account includes a dedicated SEO professional implementing the specified plan that we create for you.

Strategic campaigns done for you.

Brilliant strategic email marketing campaigns designed to activate and engage your audience at calculated touch-points throughout the year based on your Amplify-authored marketing objectives.

  • Thumb-stopping email campaigns that nurture engagement that drives more sales.
  • Eye-catching designs that will help you convert more leads and generate more revenue.
  • More Effective Campaigns. Amplify’s reporting provides the feedback needed to ensure that each campaign meets your goals.
  • Designed and implemented by a highly experienced team of human email marketing strategists, copywriters and designers.

Leads that put you ahead of the game.

What’s a business without leads? Amplify is designed to help you find and interact with just the right decision makers at targeted companies, and even books the appointments for you!

  •  Build your ideal client profile based on job title, industry, size, geography and more.
  • Identify your key decision makers within your target companies.
  • Datamine LinkedIn, company websites, and professional networks to acquire and onboard user data.
  • Follow all devices associated with key decision makers, serving them dynamic ads until they engage or convert.
  • Optionally, get your sales team connected and send personalized messages in real-time to any decision makers.

It’s simple: slumpy sales is a result of weak marketing. If you’re not putting the spotlight on your business, how will your perfect client find you? If you’re looking to boost sales full of dream clients, you’ve got to be making the right noise in the right areas that your prospects are circulating in. This is where Amplify comes in.

Amplify helps you to make the right noise in the right places, so that you can save time to  focus on creating your change-making products and services, and doing everything else you love!

Monthly Plans Have Landed


To your first 6 figures
$ 997
  • 6 Figure Marketing Roadmap
  • Special Offer Page
  • Social Media Management
    (5 weekly posts across 1 network)
  • Professional SEO (1 Page)
  • BONUS 1: Early access to
    Amplify Accelerate™
  • BONUS 2: Quantum Business Alignment Report
  • BONUS 3: Amplify Agora™ Premium (marketplace for conscious businesses coming soon!)
  • Accountability Coaching (regular check-ins)
  • Lead Magnet to build email list
  • Email marketing automation with subscriber nurture campaign
  • Amplify Alfred (digital asset management)
1 left!


To the multi-6 figures
$ 1997
  • Annual Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Everything in Hero, plus:
  • Custom Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Professionally Designed Website
  • Social Media Management
    (10 weekly posts across 2 networks)
  • Professional SEO (2 Pages)
  • Amplify Campaigns - Nurture
2 left!


To the Two Coma Club
$ 2997
  • Everything in PRO, plus:
  • Amplify Campaigns Quarterly
  • 12 Ready To Buy Leads Monthly
  • Amplify Activate™ Implemented FOR YOU
  • Direct Access to Your Exclusive Marketing Team on Slack
  • Multi-platform Content Done For You


The essentials to get you started
$ 99
  • Great for just getting started
  • Annual Amplify website subscription, incl. domain & security
  • Special Offer Page
  • Access to Amplify Accelerate™
  • Annual offer page updates included
4 left!

What’s life like with Amplify?

Mostly. While Amplify does all of the heavy lifting like planning your strategic marketing plan annually, fitting out your website accordingly, mapping out your social media calendar quarterly, we still recommend that you make at least one post per week based on our recommendation. This helps bring your personality through, which is ultimately who your clients want to connect with.

Amplify plans come in 6-month increments. This is due to the nature of marketing and the run-up time for results. We also provide you with an annual marketing plan that is custom to your business. Amplify is a long-term solution for long-term gain.

Amplify gives you more time to live your highest value life.

"We have been so incredibly happy with the results from Creatiq that we use them for all of our ventures."
Mitzi Branvold
CMO, Modern HR, Inc.
"Creatiq is a great marketing partner and sounding-board for my personal brand and fitness company."
Mark Moon
Owner, Mark Moon Fitness
"We contracted Creatiq for our website and internal communications and it's been awesome."
Lee Petersen
Chairman, Bayview Apartments
"I found Peter and Creatiq over a decade ago via Google search and we've been partners ever since."
John Riordan
Proprietor, JR & Co

Are you ready to Amplify?

Amplify is an an integrated suite of digital marketing and online solutions
that gets you to your destination fast.