Expansion Packs

Align Your Purpose

For entrepreneurs: when there is a clearly defined alignment to your passion, purpose, and vision, that is when your message reaches and resonates with your primary target audience. Creatiq can help you align these elements for your venture.

Amplify Your Voice

When you are ready for your message to reach your intended audience at scale, whether locally or internationally, Creatiq offers a full-service strategy and implementation expansion pack to help amplify your voice.

Increase Your Sales

Many businesses reach a point where their sales have peaked requiring them to seek new creative and innovative strategies to meet your sales targets. Creatiq can assist by implementing new strategies and concepts that take your sales to the next level.

Launch a Product & Service

Whether you’re preparing for a new product or service launch or seeking new attendees for your next event or workshop, Creatiq provides unique campaigns to reach this goal.

Reach New Customers

Entering new markets or niches are an effective way to scale your brand. When you’re ready to grow your offering, we can help you reach new customers by profiling and targeting your ideal new customer.

Enhance Customer Relationships

Client and customer retainment are far less expensive than customer acquisition, so by treating every customer as the gold that they are, can be a worthwhile investment to further delight your existing clientele while keeping them around for the long haul.


“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are usually the ones that do.” - Steve Jobs