When our founder Peter Luis Venero started his pursuit of personal development, he heard about the concept of the New Earth but did not quite grasp it.

As it turns out New Earth is just a state of consciousness, albeit, a higher one. It was foretold that at some stage the earth would be divided into two. Interestingly, and we observe, the earth has never been as divided as it is now (as far as we know).

We have been saying for years in so many words: the old system thrives on war, sickness, and death. It profits from ignorance, deception and untruths. It does not honor spirit, it does not honor life, it does not honor you. It’s a centralized business model and its main purpose is to enrich the owners of it while keeping its workforce under control with little time, just enough money, and a wee bit of energetic life force to continue feeding it.

We believe it is time to leave behind that primitive mythology and set sail for true freedom. Our mission is to bring New Earth mainstream!

New Earth consists of individuals who are fully aware of their purpose and their mission (or they are starting that journey). They have a great understanding of their strengths and natural genius (every person has at least one). They collaborate, co-operate, and create more than they consume.

New Earth consists of less centralization and more decentralization. From decentralized personal financial services to decentralized community organizations, and even decentralized governmental services that serve these sovereign beings.

They exist in a different brainwave state because they’re intentional about what they’re doing (more gamma, less beta). Ask them what our mission is. What is their vision? Is it for a better world or to feed the old? They will tell you it’s all about the new and will continue to influence the old (à la Bitcoin).

At Creatiq, we are starting a movement: the official pilgrimage to the New Earth along with our partners. The New Earth is about ease and flow. There’s no more need for competition or manufactured scarcity, because the planet is abundant, and everyone has their own gifts that allow them to take part, trade and share in that abundance.

In the New Earth, we save competition for sportsmanship where it belongs. In the New Earth, innovation takes place when passion fuels purpose and integrates with one’s mission where one becomes their own creative genius. The number of Elon Musks that will be created over the next decade alone will set off the most astronomical economical boom anyone has ever seen because their passion is aligned with their mission.

Creatiq’s destiny is to bring the transformational experience out of the old and into the new. It is our mission to empower the mission of conscious entrepreneurs and business owners by aligning them to their true purpose. We are here to help guide the lives of millions out of the old and into the new.

We always have and always will dance to the beat of our own drum. We will continue to do this by activating as many missions of the leaders of tomorrow’s leaders, which are our coaches, consultants, and mentors as our first wave of activations; and then we’ll proceed with the visionaries, the entrepreneurs, and the brave thought-to-action leaders.

Creatiq is here to blaze the trail to create a network that puts life first.

We are here to unite and guide our community to true freedom, peace and prosperity.

We are here to co-create the New Earth with like-minds, where peaceful people come first.

If you resonate with this mission we invite you to reach out to us and talk about how we can partner, collaborate and co-create!