Quantum Marketing

We are strong believers that living & working in alignment provides the most positively abundant outcome.

At Creatiq, we align purpose, mission and vision to have a harmonised launch of any new product or service.

For aspiring social-entreprenuers and business owners:

We work with change-makers by aligning their vision and life purpose with the mission of their venture. We help to align this mission so that the business objective and audience are in harmony, providing them with a clear vision on what problem they resolving. When alginment occurs, a higher vibrational resonance takes place, ushering the way for pure abundance.

Creatiq Network

If you’re not already living your purpose, Creatiq’s founder Peter can skillfully guide you through an eye-opening, soul-nourishing sequence with the help of our partners to help you discover your passion (which inevitably, is your mission on this planet).

Through this discovery we will assist you in aligning your mission to clearly define your roadmap for your business.

Conscious Service Providers:

Creatiq will take the time to understand your existing vision, mission and audience (target market). We’ll take you through a short but informative consultation to assist in the quantum alignment based on your genetic blueprint so that we can assist you by delivering the best possible outcome.

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“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are usually the ones that do.” - Steve Jobs