The (Perceived) Problem with AI and Technology

By Jevy in Entrepreneurship, Technology

on June 30th, 2023

It’s a common school of thought amongst the conscious community: AI and technology are the root causes of many of our challenges and concerns. These advancements are viewed as disruptive forces that erode our humanity and create a dystopian future.

There is no denying that we are at a crossroads. One path leads us to A New Earth Paradigm, filled with all of the joy, abundance and glory of a life lived more in alignment with nature. While the other path leads us to a dark, narcissistic dystopian nightmare.

While many conscious leaders of our new age are very correct about the toxicity that technology can bring, here’s the truth that might shatter your paradigm:

AI and technology are not the problems themselves. They are merely tools, neutral vessels waiting to be guided by human intent and direction.

Let me explain: It’s crucial to understand that just like any tool whether it be a gun or a wrench, the impact of AI and technology depends on the hands that wield them. It’s not the technology itself that determines whether it brings harm or benefit, but rather the forces or people behind it and their agenda that would determine the outcome.

AI and technology, when infused with conscious intention and aligned with our values, have the power to revolutionize our world positively. They can enhance efficiency, unlock new possibilities, and amplify our collective potential. The true challenge lies in ensuring that these tools are harnessed for the greater good rather than serving the interests of a select few.

The quantum age is upon us, which only means technology, thanks to AI — will propel us further in an even faster manner. It’s time to shift our focus from fearing AI and technology to examining the intentions and motivations that drive their development and utilization.

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