Web Hosting vs Amplify Serviced Hosting

By Peter Luis Venero in Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Technology

on February 17th, 2023

Let’s first look at the problems with basic web hosting for non-technical business owners, which may cost $5/mo for basic hosting.

Think of basic hosting like renting a physical storefront for your business. Just like with a physical storefront, you want to make sure you have a good location and that the space meets your needs. With basic web hosting, you’re like a business owner who rents a raw storefront without any services or amenities. You’re on your own to set everything up and maintain it, just like you would need to hire a handyman or contractor to set up and maintain your physical storefront. The issues that need to be addressed with basic hosting are:

  • Technical issues: Basic web hosting requires a certain level of technical knowledge to set up and maintain the hosting environment. If you do not have a technical team, you may struggle to handle any technical issues that arise.
  • Software updates: Basic web hosting does not include regular software updates. This means that you have to keep track of updates yourself and ensure that your hosting environment is up to date.
  • Security: Basic web hosting does not include security updates, leaving your website vulnerable to hacking and viruses. This can cause significant damage to your website and reputation, and may require costly repairs.
  • Backups: Basic web hosting does not include regular backups, meaning that if your website is ever lost, you may not have a backup to restore it from.
  • Speed: Basic web hosting does not include a content distribution network, which is critical for ensuring fast website load times and accessibility around the world.
  • Monitoring and support: Basic web hosting does not include monitoring and support, so you are responsible for ensuring that your hosting environment runs smoothly. If you encounter any issues, you have to resolve them yourself or hire a technical expert.

Sure, in the end, you may be paying $5/mo for basic hosting, but there’s a risk that should be managed which could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars if not properly mitigated.

On the other hand, our serviced solution called Amplify Hosting is like a fully equipped serviced office, ready for you to move in and start doing business. You’ll still need to fit it out with our own furniture (website), but you get all the above issues addressed with amenities that your website needs to run smoothly, just like you would get with a fully equipped and staffed physical storefront, but all for a lower monthly fee than you would pay to have to get your own staff.

Here is the list of the major amenities (there are also lots of minor but important ones):

  • Regular software updates to the hosting environment and to WordPress (physical buildings degrade or get cancer, regular software updates are like regular fresh new walls). 
  • Security updates (this helps to keep out bots and viruses which destroy websites and can cost thousands to repair if the website is ever lost).
  • Website backups daily (this helps to store a copy of the website for safekeeping every day just in case it’s ever lost either by an attack or incorrect action by your team member). With website updates you don’t have to worry about losing your site ever.
  • Content Distribution Network (this keeps your website loading fast and accessible around the world.
  • Monitoring and Support (while you focus on serving your customers and growing your business, we ensure your web hosting environment supports you to do that).

These amenities are not included on basic web hosting companies, and you may end up paying $400/mo for a technical virtual assistant who will hopefully do all of this correctly for you. Creatiq offers this service for $99/mo.

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